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Earth-Moon scenario

Earth-Moon Communication and ROVER Teleoperation Via 5G-NR#

Scenario1 Earth-Moon communication scenarioScenario1 Earth-Moon communication scenario

The Earth-Moon scenario will focus on evaluating and emulating different implementations of lunar rover control and data collection through different scenarios such as direct communication between Earth and a lunar lander, communications via a lunar relay satellit, and a Moon-orbiting (Low Lunar Orbit: LLO) satellite constellation connectivity to many rovers using 5G-SDR devices. Different mobile-communication equipment options will be evaluated for the lunar rovers (small VSATs, low-power omnidirectional antennas, satellite Internet-of-Things (IoT), etc.) by using SDR platforms. The encapsulation of Robot Operating System (ROS) commands in the MAC/Link/PHY layer will also be investigated. More advanced approaches such as reinforcement learning and deep learning techniques for remote control will be evaluated in a second stage as a means to provide safer, trustworthy and efficient remote control of the lunar rover.

LLO Demonstration#

Earth-Moon Communication and ROVER Teleoperation Via 5G-NR.

The video illustrates a regenerative low-lunar orbit (LLO) sattelite that is oriting the lunar surface with an altitude of 100KM. On earth, we have a control mission room, so called concurrent design facility (CDF) where it host the 3GPP core network and and the teleoperator that monitor, and control the rover.

Earth-Moon Communication and ROVER Teleoperation Via 5G-NR.


Demonstration for OAI Fall 2022 OpenAirInterface North American Workshop hosted by Qualcomm in San Diego on November 8th and 9th, 2022.

Earth-Moon Communication and ROVER Teleoperation Via 5G-NR.


The objective of this demo is to evaluate the existing terrestrial technologies such as 4G/5G-NR for their suitability for Moon exploration scenarios. In the following architecture, we Emulate a low-lunar orbit (LLO) mission. In this mission we experiment two kind of delays:

  • Earth-Moon communication delay that is impacting the SRI link [emulated using the kernel]
  • Propagation delay on the nr-Uu interface [emulated using FPGA]


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