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'The infra hardware assets allows designing, developing, testing, and validating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks towards 5G and beyond. They may be using either dedicated hardware, usually when using a propietary software stack, or software-defined radios, usually when using a open-source software stack. Software-Defined components offer an agile approach to verify and validate current wireless technologies or design and develop completely new ones. This is because of their flexibility of having the PHY, MAC and/or higher layers functions being software-defined. Accordingly, end-users and developers can have end-to-end control over all the software stack from the waveform up to the application layer. A combination of off-the-shelf commercial software-defined radio (SDR) units and processing units (PUs) offer a turnkey solution to build a small form factor, low cost, and agile solution to support a wide spectrum of NGSO applications and use-cases.