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Open-Source software-stack


Open source software stacks are essential to design, develop, test and verify current wireless communication standards such as IEEE and 3GPP. In addition to adding new features and enhancement to the current cellular technology standard releases.

Software Classifications#


To implement an open-source 3GPP complient Radio-Access network that includes both the base-station and the user-equipment we use the following software frameworks:

  1. OpenAirInterface (LTE and 5G Support)
  2. SRS (Currenlty only LTE Support)

Core Network#

The current core-network within the testbed is implmeneted with variety of softwares:

Evolved Packet Core [EPC]#

  1. OpenAirInterface EPC
  2. srsEPC
  3. MAGMA
  4. Open5Gs

5G Core [5GC]#

  1. OpenAirInterface 5GC
  2. Open5Gs

Generic frameworks for SDR#